Green Network UK
5th October 2017 -

Green Network Energy is now on Facebook, with a Fanpage dedicated to the UK market

The launch campaign, which will continue until November 2017, features Green Network’s “Family Dog” in the adorable video shorts.

The loving Border Collie hilariously personifies the company’s core value: looking after their customers like family. The videos narrate the family’s funny real-life experiences, slowly building humour with some great facial expressions and adorable reactions from the dog’s owners.

Founded in Italy in 2003 by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Piero Saulli and Sabrina Corbo, Green Network’s goal has always been to challenge the market and do things differently- better- with passion and innovation.

Gathering a group of enthusiastic professionals who shared this vision, the company has grown successfully in Italy, focusing on customers and giving them more choice in how they manage their energy needs.

In 2016, the Group decided to bring a little Italian flavour to the UK energy market. The challenges may be different but the aim is the same: to look after customers by offering better service with passion, enthusiasm, and experience.

Enjoy the videos!